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South Australia Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000

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YourSAy analysis  

Keren Sutcliffe 

08 Jun 2016

The first 49 Unique Comments of the Discussion Forum: Comment on the specific recommendations in the Royal Commission’s Report (without analysis on the replies they received)

Note: Some comments site more than one reason so the count went to “overall feel about the comment”

36 (73% of the first 49 unique comments) clearly stated in their comments whether they agreed with the waste facility or not

9 (25% who clearly stated their position) clearly for the waste facility:
4 because it is a problem that needs a solution
3 for economic reasons
2 no reason given

27 (75% who clearly stated their position) clearly against the waste facility:
3 the length of time to care for the material is too long
3 new methods of Nuclear Industry should be explored that will eliminate waste
1 Economics in the report is flawed
3 damage Tourism for the SA
4 prefer to pursue Renewable Energy
1 worry about seismic activity
1 concern for indigenous people
6 foresee a problem with the process or future management of the process whether that be corruption (present or future) or risk during transportation, terrorism or political instability
1 health concern for community
4 no reason given