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Is Google not really helping you find what you want to know?

Tired of the call centre tedium, listening to an automated menu and then taking pot luck on whether you will get to speak to someone who knows what you need to know?

Are you getting the run around, reached a dead-end, getting frustrated?

We want to hear from you.

Type in your information seeking problem.

Maxden Library is endeavoring to collect data on information acquisition problems that the public are having in gaining the information they need. This is with the aim of matching that up that data with the problems information providers are having in providing you with that information. Some information is unobtainable and Maxden Library and Information Services is concentrating on general publicly available information that despite searching the internet, contacting information agencies or asking other people you still have not been able to gain the information you require.

Here at Maxden Library and Information Services we believe that data science should be used to help people find the information they need not just used to try to sell you something.